7 Social Media Content Ideas


Whether you are starting a new business or growing one you have been nurturing for some time, social media marketing is an important piece of your marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn help you grow your social media following by developing relationships, forming genuine connections, and sharing content with your audience. There are so many ways to create engaging social media content, and at Succeeding Small, we know it can sound a little daunting at first. 

Luckily, with just a few ideas to get you started, you can kick your social media game up a notch and grow your online presence. Our team can help you create a compelling social media strategy. Here are 7 engaging social media content ideas you can use to connect with your audience and grow your business. 

1. Show Your Face

One of the best ways to draw an audience is by showing your face on your account. Whether you’re a solopreneur or head a team of hundreds, people connect with people. Your audience might follow you because they love your product or service, but they will be more inclined to grow with you and spread the word about your business when they connect with the people behind it. A photo of real people will almost always do better than graphics or stock photos. Why? Because social media is used to connect people together, so showing up on your own feed once in a while helps to foster that. 

2. Participate In Trends

Especially on Instagram, staying up-to-date with current trends is invaluable. When a type of photo, video, audio, or style is trending, it means more people are engaging with that content on a broader level. If people outside of your circle are engaging with a certain type of content, it might be worthwhile to see if there’s a way to share that content on your social media. Whether it’s sharing a video or post on your stories or creating a post to go on your feed, joining a trend is a great way to engage your audience and utilize social media content. 

3. Use Graphics 

When you don’t feel like sharing a photo of your face, graphics are a great way to generate attention. There are so many ways you can make graphics work for you, no matter what your business is or what your brand looks like. Especially if you have any evergreen content, consider turning that information into a graphic. Graphs, charts, images–they all have the ability to help you grow your online presence when incorporated into your social media strategy. This type of content is easy for others to save or share with others, which can help grow your following. 

4. Share Reviews

Do you have any positive reviews, feedback, or testimonials? If so, use them! Share what your customers and clients have to say about your business, and let your audience see what people are saying about your products or services. Whether your audience is full of people who already use your products, or it’s comprised of potential buyers, testimonials help create loyal customers. Testimonials allow your followers to get a glimpse into what others truly think of a product or service. They help people decide whether or not they want to buy.

5. Ask A Question

Engaging with others means opening up a conversation. No matter what you are using for a photo or graphic, you can engage your audience by asking them a question. Whether you’re asking your followers what their go-to order is at a coffee shop or you want to know where they’re traveling this summer, asking shows you care and are invested. When you show up and ask questions, people will be interested in answering. And once they do, that gives you a starting point to open up a conversation and engage with your social media audience. 

6. Tag People

Because social media is about connecting with people, it is important that you form genuine connections. If you post a quote from a well-known influencer or blogger, tag them so they–and their followers–can see. If you are sharing a photo of yourself and a friend, tag your friend in the photo. And if you are working on a collaboration with another business or businessperson, tag them! Tagging others on social media is a great way to make sure they see the content you’re posting. It can also lead to a conversation or getting the word out about your business.

7. Utilize Stories

There are so many ways to create engaging social media content. But, how engaging can social media posts be if no one sees them? Stories are one of the best ways to make sure people won’t miss your latest post. Simply share your post in your stories, and include a short, engaging message that will make your audience want to take a deeper look. You can also use your stories on both Instagram and Facebook to help you with each of the other six ideas in this blog: 

  • Show your face on your stories by recording a video of you saying hi to your audience
  • Participate in trends by sharing popular photos or videos on your stories
  • Share graphics you have created on your stories so your followers don’t miss them
  • Highlight reviews by posting them on your stories, then saving them to a highlight
  • Ask questions on your stories and insert a question box so people can answer you
  • Tag people in your stories while collaborating, visiting a favorite local shop, and more

Creating Engaging Social Media Content | Succeeding Small

There are many ways you can make your social media content work for you and help your business grow. The more you engage with others on social media, the more loyal customers you’ll find yourself with. At Succeeding Small, we utilize engaging social media strategies to help your business continue to grow. Social media is a crucial part of any good business plan. Talk to us today about our social media services, and check us out on Instagram

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