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Welcome to the Succeeding Small Podcast, where we share the small business stories & strategies that will take you through every step of your journey as you start, scale, and succeed in business.

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Being a small business owner is CHALLENGING. You may feel isolated in your journey, trying to make the most strategic choices to grow, scale, and sustain your business. But you are not alone! The Succeeding Small Podcast is your go-to internet marketing podcast for everything you need to grow your company and compete in the marketplace. From digital marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media, and Ads, to business-sense like SOPs, hiring, and profitability, you can get strategic insight and advice from topic experts who are invested in your success. If you want to be a guest on our podcast, you can apply to join.

Check out our episodes below and tune in every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts. Get ready to Succeed Small!

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The founder of Succeeding Small, Madeleine Costa, has built a successful 6-figure digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs and has been an entrepreneur since she can remember. She’s eager to share all of her tools and tips with you to help you fulfill your own small business dreams. So, whether you want to build a natural skincare business or you want to help your community and expand your nonprofit, the Succeeding Small Podcast will help you reach your goals! 

So, what can you expect when tuning in? There’ll be a variety of informational episodes where you’ll learn how to market and grow your business, as well as episodes where you’ll get to hear from other small business owners, influential individuals in the community, and even the team members behind Succeeding Small!

Tune in every Wednesday to the succeeding small podcast

Make sure to tune in on March 2, 2022, for the premiere episode of the Succeeding Small Podcast! The best part? We’ll be releasing episodes every Wednesday so you’ll never have to wait too long to gain new insight on how to grow a successful small business. If there are any topics you want us to discuss or small business owners that you’d love to hear from, make sure to fill out the form and let us know. Don’t forget to set your clock for the Succeeding Small Podcast premier day on March 2nd. We can’t wait to see you there!