Social Media Marketing: A Game-Changer for Small Businesses

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From finances, to merchandise, to day-to-day operations, running a small business can be chaotic. Oftentimes, setting up and maintaining social media accounts may be one of the last things on your mind. However, the use of social media is becoming more and more prevalent as a marketing tool for small businesses.

As a digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs, Succeeding Small knows the value of using social media to foster continued success for your business. Being a small business ourselves, we are proud to propel small businesses to the forefront of their community using digital marketing strategy, including social media. We believe that social media is a fantastic way to build relationships with your current audience, as well as expand your brand awareness and gain new customers. But what is social media, and how can you use it effectively to grow your business?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the strategic use of social media platforms to build relationships with your audience, develop brand awareness, and generate leads, traffic, and income for your business. Having a business account on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more are great ways to build a presence for your business both organically and paid (if you choose to run ad campaigns).

Social Media Account vs Social Media Presence

One important distinction to be aware of is the difference between having a company social media account and having a social media presence.

Having a company account, on Facebook for instance, can be a great asset to your business. This free platform allows your clients and customers to leave you reviews and ask questions via messenger. You can also use Facebook to announce sales and company hours.

A social media presence can be defined as having a strategy behind your social media activity. This means consistently and strategically showing up, posting, and engaging on social media with a growth-mindset. Whether you are posting valuable content regularly, using things like Instagram stories, starting a Facebook Group, or even running an ad campaign, having a strategy oriented towards your social media marketing is the best way to use social media for businesses.

If you decide your business would benefit from a social media presence, in many cases, you will need to do more industry research and create a social media strategy that best targets your ideal customers, by providing relevant and engaging content.

Is Social Media the Right Strategy for My Business?

Before you take the time to set up social media accounts and start deciding what to post, you need to decide, “Is social media the best strategy for my business?” With social media’s prevalence in today’s society, you may be thinking your business is doomed if you don’t utilize it.

Although it’s easy to fall into this kind of thought process, it is more important to ask yourself, “What is the best way to reach my target audience?” For example, if you are a plumber, and someone is in need of your services, they likely won’t be looking for a reliable plumber on Facebook or Instagram. Instead, they will likely search “plumber near me,” “plumber Colorado Springs,” or something similar on Google. So, in this instance, implementing an SEO strategy will be more beneficial to your business than social media.

Now, imagine this scenario with your business. Reflect on your business’s industry. When do people normally need or want your products and services? How do they usually go about getting them? Answering these questions will have you determine if social media is truly the best option for your small business.

Why is Social Media Important for Small Businesses?

Beginning to use social media to market your business may be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the platforms. However, if used strategically, social media can be very beneficial to growing your small business online. This list is just the beginning of benefits you may reap from your social media efforts:

  • Establish a personalized presence – having social media accounts allows you to share your business the way you envision it. You can be as creative or formal as you’d like with the content you post. Ultimately, you are able to create a consistent brand identity and brand messaging, therefore increasing brand awareness.
  • Connect with current and potential customers – social media allows you to expand your reach beyond the people that see your sign around town or hear about you from friends and family. Many people also use social media as a means of searching for a business, instead of searching the internet. With this, more people will be able to find your business and check out what you have to offer.
  • Communicate frequently and easily – with the ease of posting to social media, it is convenient to quickly update customers on changes, whether it be a change in store hours or products offered. Additionally, many social media platforms have direct messages, so the public has another way to contact your business with specific questions.
  • Lowering marketing and advertising costs – social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to market. Most platforms are free, or only require a small fee, so they are significantly cheaper than traditional media.

Questions About Social Media Marketing?

At Succeeding Small, empowering business owners about the benefits of a strong online and social media presence is incredibly important to us. We believe that small businesses deserve visibility, and social media is a fantastic way to achieve that. If you’re ready to implement social media marketing into your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Grow your Small Business With Succeeding Small

Succeeding Small is an expert in growing small businesses through our amazing digital marketing, SEO, branding, web design and social media services.  Learn about our services today!

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