Having a website that fully represents who you are, tells your story, and attracts customers is one of the most vital pieces to succeeding as a small business online. With Succeeding Small as your web design agency, you will have a beautiful, functional, and optimized site that encompasses your brand and accomplishes your goals.

Customized Web Design

As a web designer based in Colorado Springs, we build WordPress websites for small businesses just like yours. With every site we craft, we build a custom design that is made for your brand, along with writing custom copy that captures your values and persuades your target audience to convert. Because we are specialists in search engine optimization, we include a strong foundation of SEO to make sure that your website is not only functional, but is designed to be found online.

You will always own your website and domain with us at Succeeding Small, and we commit to being your partner in website management once it’s built. We have options for website hosting and management to keep your site running smoothly. Whether you are a brand new company looking to have a presence online, or need a website re-designed, we are proud to provide integrity-filled web design services for small businesses.


Benefits of Quality Web Design

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Search Engine Optimization

If you have a beautiful site, but no one is seeing it, then it’s just sitting online collecting dust. We build every website with a strong foundation of SEO so that it has the opportunity to be found online. Not only that, but we include vital rank signals like keyword phrases, responsive design, fast loading-pages, meta data, and more.

Builds Trust

When a visitor logs on to a well-designed website, they’re more likely to trust and engage with the company. Building trust with potential clients is one of the first steps in building relationships and establishing loyal customers. That’s why we prioritize user experience and custom written copy to give your audience an undeniable reason to convert.

Establishes Identity

As a business, one of the more important aspects of your company is your brand and how people perceive you. We’ll work with you to establish details such as color schemes and typefaces to help create a consistent brand identity, creating you a website that reflects your brand, values, and points of difference.

Enhances User Experience

When a website is designed around user experience, both your customers and search engines will be able to interact with your website positively. We build sites to have easy navigation, device responsiveness, and conversion optimization, appealing both to the audience and the algorithm.

Website Hosting & Management

Many small businesses ask us, “What happens when my site is built?” We are your partner in web design, which is why we offer options to host your site and provide support and maintenance as you grow. With us, you’ll always own your website and domain, and we will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to access your site. These optional services are meant to support you, keep your website healthy, and provide an even better experience for your customers.

Web Design Projects

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One of our pillars is education. We help our clients learn about what goes into creating and maintaining a successful small business. We’re happy to provide resources–including blogs–to help you better understand the many aspects of web design.

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FAQS About Web Design


Absolutely! We create all of our websites to be mobile optimized and experienced on any size device. Mobile and tablet optimization are rank signals.

Of course we can! If you have an incomplete website, or a website that you’ve fallen out of love with, we can take elements from your current website to create a new and revamped website.

We definitely can host your WordPress website! With our cloud-based servers, you will have a fast-to-load, secure website. We include a free SSL certificate when we host your site, and include things like monthly edits, traffic analytics tracking, and regular backups of your site files.

We love designing logos for our clients. Whether you’ve never had a logo, or would like to rework your current logo, our team of designers are determined to create something that you’ll love! In fact, we have branding packages that include logo design and web design for the small businesses just starting out.

One of our specialties is SEO. We design websites using our knowledge of SEO and search engine platforms to ensure that it has the potential to show up online. Our ultimate goal is to connect you with your targeted audience to help build strong connections.

Definitely! It’s important to us that our clients always know what we’re creating for them. We will set up meetings throughout the website building process where you’ll be able to see the assets that we’ve created and let us know your thoughts.

Absolutely. With us, you will always own your website and domain. This is an important stance of integrity for us as a digital marketing agency.

Yes. We’ll work with you and show you the backend of your website. It’s important to us to make sure that you’re familiar with your website’s platform and unique tools.

Succeed Online with a Small Business website

Having an eye-popping and easy-to-navigate website is one of the most important factors in having a thriving small business. With Succeeding Small, our talented team can bring your dream website to life. Whether you’ve never had a website before, or want to redesign your current website, we’re here to help you succeed!



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