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about bronzed tanning studio

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How does a good website benefit a small business? With a passion for the tanning industry, salon and spa owner Danielle has always dreamed of running her own studio. In July 2022, her dream came true when she became the new owner of her salon, Bronzed Tanning Studio. However, Danielle soon realized that word-of-mouth alone wouldn’t take her small business to the next level in today’s digital age. She could no longer rely on the relationships built in the past by the studio’s previous owner and knew online visibility for Bronzed Tanning Studio was the only way forward for growth.   

So, Danielle came to Succeeding Small, looking for solutions to increase her tanning salon’s foot traffic. With a limited online presence and outdated website, we revamped her clunky, old site into a warm, functional website for visitors to convert. We also performed a complete SEO overhaul to get her business to start ranking online. See how we delivered Bronzed Tanning Studio a beautiful and SEO-optimized website and online presence in four phases, growing organic website traffic by over 700%. 



Competitor Research, Keyword Analysis, & On-Page SEO

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While we build beautiful sites, SEO is at the foundation of everything we do. That’s why each salon and spa web design project starts with thorough competitor research & analysis. Intending to bring in more foot traffic, our team got to work understanding the tanning salon industry in Colorado Springs.

We spent extensive time conducting competitor research and keyword analysis. This research was vital in understanding customers’ goals, wants, and needs. With our research and the team’s expert design and SEO experience, we pinpointed what users were searching for to make Bronzed Tanning Studio stand out in the Colorado Springs competition.

before the website redesign

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Design, Copy, & Keywords

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We understand that effective design goes hand in hand with compelling copy. By seamlessly integrating the logo into the design, our web design specialists presented the brand using warm browns and a splash of cool blue, evoking memories of summer days spent by the pool. Plus, the use of light, sans-serif font adds to the overall sense of lightness and airiness.

Our copywriters skillfully emphasized the benefits of being a Bronzed Tanning Studio customer, crafting persuasive copy that captivates the audience and gives them all the necessary information to book an appointment. Previous keyword research was also incorporated into the content, ensuring that Bronzed Tanning Studio appears at the top of search engine results for searches like “tanning salons near me.”

the final product

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Conversion Rate Optimization, Calls to Action, & Lead Generation

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By bringing these pieces together, the Succeeding Small team developed a stunning and optimized website that effectively represents Danielle’s tanning studio while helping her grow her small business. Whether users are looking for Bronzed Tanning Studio’s services, best-selling products, or pricing packages, they can easily find all the necessary information and book an appointment in one place.

With calls to action incorporated tactically across the site, users know exactly what to do at all times and are a tap away from scheduling. Additionally, intentional copy coupled with a user-friendly design ensures customers on all devices can smoothly navigate across every page. From the first visit to the home page to the final form submission, our team strategically maps out each click in the customer journey to get users to convert.

what the client said

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Local SEO, Off-Page SEO, & Citation Correction

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The fourth and final step in Bronzed Tanning Studio’s web revamp project involved updating the business’ off-page SEO presence. In Danielle’s case, many of her previous citations and directory listings were outdated and needed to be corrected with her new studio address. Luckily, with the help of Succeeding Small, the team was able to automatically update Bronzed Tanning Studio’s online presence to boost trust among customers and search engines.

That also means that regardless of where potential customers find Danielle, they will always have her business’ accurate name, address, and phone number, ensuring she’s never leaving money on the table. Just take a look at the local search grid to see how standardizing Bronzed Tanning Studio’s citations across the internet lead to a leap in visibility and local search relevance. This shows that no matter where customers are located in Colorado Springs, Danielle’s business shows up first among the competition. 

the results

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By April 2023, the Bronzed Tanning Studio website underwent a complete redesign and SEO overhaul. Within just three months of the launch, organic website traffic skyrocketed by over 700%, and the team added more than 200 relevant keywords to the new site. With a fully functional, visually appealing website and accurate off-site SEO experience, Danielle’s brand has soared, attracting a significant customer base. The results? A steady increase in visitors, more leads, and a sense of peace for Danielle as she embarks on the next chapter of scaling her small business.

Elevate Your Business with Expert Salon & Spa Web Design

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At Succeeding Small, we go beyond design and copywriting to craft effective websites. Our custom, branded sites are optimized for search engines to drive real results. Simply put, we build sites that sell. Let our Colorado Springs digital marketing agency use our salon and spa web design skills to create a stunning, SEO-optimized website for your small business. Request a free strategy session!



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