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about planet duct

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Is SEO a good marketing tactic for air duct cleaning companies? Meet Brandon Kirk, owner of Planet Duct. Since 2019, Brandon’s mission has been to become the most well-known air duct cleaner in southern Colorado.

After owning several businesses in Brandon’s history of entrepreneurship, he knows how important marketing is to growing a company. After trying several SEO agencies with his previous companies and experiencing lackluster results, Brandon found Succeeding Small in May of 2019. Since then, we’ve boosted his website traffic from 0 users a month to over 7,000, with an average of 102 organic conversions per month, making Planet Duct the #1 air duct cleaning company in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.



Keyword Analysis

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We kicked off Planet Duct’s SEO campaign with a thorough keyword analysis, aligning business objectives with an SEO strategy that would help bring in the right visitors to the website. From here, we can better understand what Planet Duct’s potential customers are searching for and how to get in front of them. We centered the SEO strategy around keywords: 

  • “Air duct cleaning services”
  • “HVAC cleaning”
  • Location-specific keywords, like “air duct cleaning Colorado Springs”


writing the content

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All of the content we produced for Planet Duct had one goal in mind: what’s going to help the user the most? Not only did this include creating comprehensive and persuasive website pages but blogs as well. We answered questions like, “What is air duct sanitizing?” and “How much does air duct cleaning cost?”

In addition, the team applied our expert SEO practices to maximize the chances of Planet Duct’s content appearing at the top of Google and Bing.

our seo checklist:


Location-Specific SEO Pages

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One of Brandon’s goals was to become a local authority and expand to new service areas, so we created location-specific SEO pages for areas like Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Monument, Palmer Park, and more to answer air duct cleaning inquiries from people living in those areas. We wrote these pages to effectively show Planet Duct’s leading authority in each service area, highlighting regional authority and testimonies from local clients.

what the client said

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the results

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Succeeding Small executed a complete overhaul of Planet Duct’s SEO strategy. We improved organic traffic from 0 to nearly 7,200 users every month, boosting clicks by a staggering 650%. The air duct cleaning company ranks for thousands of keywords — the most important ones, like “air duct cleaning near me” in the #1 position.

While Brandon originally went with another SEO agency with his other companies and saw lackluster results, our team at Succeeding Small was able to meet his business goals of generating consistent leads for his air duct cleaning services, expanding his business into multiple service areas, and scaling his business.

Make Your Air Duct Cleaning Company #1 With Strategic Digital Marketing

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Here at Succeeding Small, we are SEO and content experts able to transform your air duct cleaning business from a small but ambitious shop to a scaling business. Want to learn more about how SEO can help your company grow? Schedule a FREE strategy session with our team today!



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