Are you interested in gaining real-world experience in the digital marketing field? At Succeeding Small, we offer digital marketing internships where you will expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and work with small business clients in Colorado Springs.

Succeeding Small Digital Marketing Internship

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. With new technologies, platforms, and algorithms being developed every day, there are more opportunities for businesses to grow online than ever before. If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door of digital marketing for small businesses, Succeeding Small might be a great fit for you!

As a digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs, we offer an internship program focused on all things digital marketing. During this internship, you’ll work with real clients and expand your knowledge and skills surrounding search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design, paid advertising, logo design, and much more! This internship is ideal for college students, those who are switching career paths, or curious individuals eager to learn and represent the small business community.





During the digital marketing internship at Succeeding Small, you will have the opportunity to learn how to successfully grow a business online across multiple platforms. From getting a website to sit on the first page of Google, to creating a presence on social media, you will learn strategies and techniques directly from our team of experts. At Succeeding Small, we believe in investing in your knowledge and developing your skills to help you make a difference in the marketing industry.

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With the team at Succeeding Small rooting for you, you’ll learn the many facets of digital marketing as well as receive the opportunity to showcase your newfound marketing knowledge. We believe in hands-on learning, which is why you’ll have a part in writing content for our client’s websites, developing design techniques to help build compelling websites, and utilizing your knowledge of algorithms to effectively advertise across multiple platforms.


Active learning and professional growth is not just a core value of Succeeding Small, but a major aspect of this program. We dedicate time during your internship to acquire certifications in your area of interest from platforms like Hubspot, Google ads, DistilledU, and more. As you develop your skills, our team will provide you with ample opportunities to exercise your certifications, giving you real world application to the resume-building process during the program itself.


After dedicating your time, hard work, and hopefully a few laughs, you will exit the internship program with a fully developed portfolio. During the Succeeding Small internship, the assignments that you include in your portfolio may include websites you developed, social media campaigns, graphic design samples, blogs that you wrote, and ad campaigns you helped integrate. Whether your future is with us or helping another company succeed, our team is here to help you.


Our mission at Succeeding Small is to elevate the small business community on a digital scale; giving local, family-owned companies an opportunity to grow, compete, and succeed. In the same way that we are committed to giving small businesses the best chance for success, we are committed to helping you succeed so that you can pursue your dream career, leave your legacy, and make an impact in your community.

Succeeding Small has designed this internship to teach, guide, and encourage you to become the best candidate in whatever field you pursue. The skills that you’ll learn in this program are integral for any career in digital marketing, copywriting, or design. With our commitment to your knowledge and success, we look to you to pour the same amount of dedication and passion into your learning journey during your time with us. We look for individuals who are eager to learn, strong communicators, and have a passion for creative or technical work.




Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2023 Internship

Deadline April 30th, 2023

Work Samples

Please upload any examples of related marketing projects that you have completed. For each sample section, you may upload up to 2 files per sample section (Upload Types: pdf, jpg, png, doc, docx.)



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