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Does digital marketing really work? Meet Bill Peterson, owner of Colorado Handgun Safety. Bill’s mission since 2006 has been to foster responsible, safe, and confident gun ownership among Colorado residents. While initially reliant on word-of-mouth in Colorado Springs, he sought to expand across the Front Range of Colorado into Denver and adjoining cities. 

After disappointing experiences with Google Ads and SEO in the past with other agencies, Bill approached Succeeding Small in March 2021. Since then, we’ve boosted website traffic by 1,970% and hiked Google Ads conversions by 94.42%.



Keyword Analysis, Industry Research & Geotargeting

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We kicked off Colorado Handgun Safety’s successful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign with a thorough keyword analysis. This analysis helped us understand what motivates people seeking firearms training to enroll in a gun safety course. Simultaneously, we ensured compliance with Google’s advertising policies related to firearms and devised a winning strategy for his Google Ads campaign.

Our keyword analysis uncovered underperforming keywords and identified untapped, highly relevant ones for our target audience. Moreover, we recognized a gap between previous ads and the specific regions of Colorado Springs and Denver, where the client primarily operated. To address this, we incorporated relevant keywords, removed underperforming ones, fine-tuned geo-targeting settings, and enriched ad content with local and long-tail keywords, enhancing relevance and effectiveness.


Compelling Ad Copy & Landing Page Design

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An effective ad is just one piece of the puzzle: an excellent landing page completes it. Our PPC experts revamped ad copy, emphasizing benefits like concealed carry permits and expert instruction. We showcased Colorado Handgun Safety’s NRA-certified instructors, top-notch facilities, and personalized training.

Next, our web design and copywriting teams collaborated to craft a compelling landing page. The design and copy worked seamlessly together, persuading users to take action and sign up for a course. This transformed the landing page into an engaging experience for those seeking a reliable firearms academy in Colorado.


Ad Extensions & Bid Management

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After reviewing initial campaign data, we employed ad extensions such as site links, call extensions, and location extensions to enhance ad visibility and provide extra information. These extensions significantly attracted potential customers to Colorado Handgun Safety’s website, resulting in increased conversions.

Additionally, we applied an intelligent bid management strategy, optimizing bids based on keyword performance, time of day, and location to ensure our ads appeared during peak interest periods. This approach improved ad spend efficiency while maximizing conversions within Bill’s budget.


Remarketing Campaigns

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Not all customers convert after the first ad. Some need nurturing. That’s where our remarketing campaigns come in. Our Google Ads team created two campaigns to retarget interested visitors who didn’t initially convert. For Colorado Handgun Safety, we used display ads to remind past website visitors, keeping the brand on top of their minds and encouraging class bookings.


Paid Ads & Search Engine Optimization

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After Colorado Handgun Safety’s initial ad success, Bill experienced tangible growth — more students enrolled, enabling him to hire additional instructors. Simultaneously, he was ready to embark on a full-scale search engine marketing campaign for long-term, sustainable business expansion.

Our team promptly got to work strategizing a local SEO approach, addressing backend issues, and improving site speed for a better user experience. We crafted and published persuasive content to attract organic searchers and ensured consistent business information across the internet through off-page SEO efforts.


Website Revamp & SEO Refresh

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As our partnership with Colorado Handgun Safety thrived, we recognized the need for a comprehensive website overhaul to maximize every opportunity to get users to convert into paying customers. Our mission was to transform the old website into a modern, user-friendly platform that drove sales.

This website revamp marked the peak of our collaboration, cementing Colorado Handgun Safety as the number one firearm training academy in Colorado. With the updated site and refined SEO strategy, we continued to attract and convert individuals dedicated to responsible gun ownership. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.


The Results

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Succeeding Small executed a complete overhaul of Colorado Handgun Safety’s Google Ads account, leading to a remarkable 94.42% surge in conversion rates and a substantial 53.53% improvement in ad click-through rates. Our remarketing campaigns further bolstered brand recognition and delivered additional conversions.

On the SEO front, the site now ranks for over 6,000 keywords, attracting nearly 8,000 monthly visitors. Most notably, Colorado Handgun Safety secures the top position for critical searches like “CCW classes near me” and “gun safety course Colorado,” establishing its reputation as the region’s preferred destination for firearm training.

The results? Bill enjoys substantial financial success and a consistent rise in student enrollment, reinstating his faith in the prominence of his business in the Colorado firearm training landscape.

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At Succeeding Small, we don’t settle for minor adjustments in Google Ads campaigns; we explore every avenue to supercharge conversions and bring more paying customers to our clients. Our track record with Google Ads campaigns and SEO strategies speaks volumes. If you run a firearms academy and want to increase student enrollment, we could achieve similar results for you. Don’t hesitate to request a complimentary strategy session and take the first step toward success!



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