The Succeeding Small Team

We are proud to introduce the passionate experts that make up the team at Succeeding Small. As a digital marketing agency based in Colorado Springs, we deploy strategies that are as unique as the entrepreneurs we’re serving. With diverse skill sets and backgrounds, our in-house team of specialists comes together with a shared passion for innovation, creativity, and giving back to the small business community. We are dedicated to continuous growth and improvement, where we always take pride in the work that we create.

My name is Madeleine Costa, founder of Succeeding Small. I began my company when I realized I sought something different than the large-scale marketing companies that dominated the market. I wanted to serve the small businesses that reminded me of those that made up my family for generations. It was important to me to provide superior marketing at an affordable price.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in English and Marketing, studying the complex algorithms that search engines use to rank websites and successfully managing dozens of digital marketing campaigns, I have been able to form a deep understanding of how to successfully grow small businesses online.

As a Colorado Springs native, I love that my job allows me to give back to the small business community that helped shape my Colorado Springs experiences. Whether you’re a family chiropractor or a photographer, I always enjoy being able to experience an entrepreneur’s journey to becoming a successful small business owner.

My favorite part about being a project manager at Succeeding Small is forming genuine relationships with our clients. As the communications bridge between our clients and the Succeeding Small team, I’m able to tap into our clients’ needs and help our team craft meaningful communication strategies.

As the operations manager at Succeeding Small, I have the pleasure of helping our team stay organized and making sure our clients’ needs are always met in a timely manner. During my career, I’ve helped startups and small businesses in the nonprofit sector implement organizational systems and processes. If there’s an area of opportunity for a business to run more efficiently, I’ll find it!

The most rewarding part about working for Succeeding Small is seeing people live out their dreams of becoming small business owners. My entire life, I’ve been surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs, including my husband and myself. I’ve grown to have an authentic understanding and appreciation for all of the courage and work that goes into becoming a successful small business owner.

As a Colorado native, I attended UCCS, where I was first introduced to Succeeding Small when I heard about the internship program. After my internship ended, I realized that I had a passion for small businesses and the unique digital marketing tactics that are used to grow businesses. 

One of my favorite parts about being a part of the Succeeding Small team is helping build brands with eye-popping websites. I continuously use my digital marketing skills and knowledge to brainstorm creative tactics to increase a brand’s audience and social impact. 

While pursuing my degree in marketing and management at UCCS, I found my way to Succeeding Small and their internship program. Once my internship concluded, I realized I was meant to work with small businesses and help them thrive in their communities.

Throughout my time with Succeeding Small, I have truly loved the work I get to do for small businesses and their owners. Helping individuals pursue their dreams by creating unique marketing strategies to further their business has been extremely rewarding.

As a digital marketing specialist at Succeeding Small, I have the pleasure of encompassing a brand’s identity within a fresh logo. After I graduated from Oklahoma State University with degrees in international business as well as marketing, I moved to Colorado Springs. 

So far, my favorite part about working with Succeeding Small has been getting to know the people behind small businesses. Our clients are always passionate about their crafts, and it’s a delight to help their businesses flourish.

After earning my degree in Strategic Communications at UCCS, I found my passion for sharing the stories of small businesses through digital marketing. When I started my internship at Succeeding Small, I instantly knew that I had found a place where I could live out that passion. Now, as a Social Media and Copywriting Specialist, I have the ability to partner with small businesses to tell their stories through authentic and innovative avenues.

The community of small businesses throughout Colorado Springs is the greatest thing about the work I do. Partnering with passionate and driven small business owners in their area of expertise has only led to my passion growing. Watching small businesses succeed as their story is told through digital marketing is incredibly rewarding and motivating.  

Serving as a copywriter for Succeeding Small has proven to be abundantly rewarding. Taking the desires of small business owners and crafting them into words is a task that continuously excites me. 

The best part about having small business clients is being able to experience victories with our clients. Whether it’s a small or big win, it’s fulfilling to work on a campaign from beginning to end and celebrate all of the milestones with our clients along the way.

One-of-a-Kind Digital Marketing Internship

In addition to our incredible team, we are also proud to offer a digital marketing internship program. We prioritize education and continuous learning, and this program allows us to extend that culture into the student community. We partner with UCCS and other universities in Colorado Springs to educate students in digital marketing. During the internship, students learn every service we provide, work with real small businesses, and get the opportunity to find what they’re most passionate about within the world of digital marketing.

Want to Work with Us?

Are you looking for a career in digital marketing? Learn more about our culture and what it is like to work at Succeeding Small! Whether you are a student, marketer, or community member ready to be a part of a full-service digital marketing agency, we’d love to meet you. Check out our marketing job opportunities or our internship program today.