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Facing the challenges of an outdated and hard-to-navigate website, Bijou Property Management recognized the urgent need to adapt to the digital era. By crafting a visually captivating and user-friendly website, we ensured seamless navigation and highlighted essential services like property buying and selling. Our comprehensive on-page SEO overhaul resulted in a 60% increase in organic website traffic and 300% increase in conversions, propelling Bijou Property Management to the forefront of property management companies in Colorado Springs.

At Succeeding Small, we specialize in transforming businesses like Bijou Property Management into small business success stories. Our expertise goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about crafting compelling online narratives that drive success.



Strategic Design, Competitor Insights, and Industry Research

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At the core of our web design philosophy is a strong emphasis on SEO, ensuring that our websites not only look stunning but also excel in search engine rankings. In each property management web design project, we kick off with in-depth competitor research and analysis. Recognizing the significance of attracting more clients, our team dedicated substantial efforts to comprehend the nuances of the property management sector in Colorado Springs.

Extensive competitor research and thorough keyword analysis played a pivotal role in gaining insights into clients’ objectives, preferences, and requirements. Armed with this valuable information and our team’s seasoned expertise in design and SEO, we precisely identified what users were seeking to establish Bijou Property Management as a standout entity within the competitive landscape of Colorado Springs.

before the website redesign

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problems they were facing:


Design, Copy, & Keywords

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Acknowledging the interdependence of impactful design and engaging content, our web design specialists seamlessly incorporated the logo into the redesign for Bijou Property Management. Utilizing a palette of cool blues and maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic, we ensured the website reflects the unique Colorado Springs community vibe with a boutique touch. The choice of a light, sans-serif font adds to the website’s overall sense of openness, emphasizing a contemporary yet welcoming online presence for the property management brand.

Our adept copywriters strategically highlighted the advantages of choosing Bijou Property Management, creating persuasive content that captivates the audience and provides essential details for seamless client engagement. Furthermore, leveraging prior keyword research, we ensured that Bijou Property Management secures top positions in search engine results for key queries like “Colorado Springs Property Management Company” and “Residential Property Management Colorado Springs.”

the final product

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Conversion Rate Optimization, Calls to Action, & Lead Generation

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By seamlessly integrating these elements, the Succeeding Small team crafted an exceptional and finely-tuned website that not only beautifully represents Bijou Property Management but also acts as a catalyst for the growth of their property management endeavors. Whether visitors seek information on rental properties, properties for sale, or wish to access free rental analysis forms and cleaning checklists, everything is conveniently accessible for a streamlined user experience.

Strategic calls-to-action strategically peppered throughout the site guide users effortlessly, ensuring a seamless journey from initial exploration to appointment scheduling. Our intentional and engaging copy, combined with a user-centric design, guarantees a smooth navigation experience across all devices. From the moment users land on the homepage to the final form submission, each step in the customer journey is meticulously mapped out to optimize conversions.

The result is a website that not only shows all the different services of Bijou Property Management but also makes it easy for people to learn about them and take the next steps.

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the results

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By January 2024, the Bijou Property Management website experienced a transformative redesign, transitioning from a standard Appfolio template to a custom WordPress design with seamless Appfolio integration, coupled with a robust SEO enhancement. In merely six months post-launch, the impact was tangible – organic website traffic surged by an impressive 60%, with the integration of over 170 relevant keywords, and conversions saw a remarkable spike of 300%. Jennifer’s brand now revels in increased visitor engagement, more leads, and newfound confidence as she scales her property management business in this next chapter.

Transform Your Property Management Company with Premier Web Design services

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Unlock the full potential of your property management business with Succeeding Small’s unparalleled web design expertise. Beyond aesthetics, our custom WordPress websites are meticulously optimized for search engines, ensuring tangible growth. From seamless user experiences to enhanced online visibility, we specialize in building sites that elevate businesses. Partner with our Colorado Springs digital marketing agency to revolutionize your property management web presence. Request a complimentary strategy session today!



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