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I grew up in Colorado Springs and first fell in love with the small business community during college. During a gap semester, I took a job at a local bar, restaurant, and cinema. The staff and owners truly became like family, and I served and bartended there until I finished my M.A. Since then, I’ve worked at several small restaurants and bars in the Colorado Springs area while honing my copywriting skills with freelance blogging and web writing.

Succeeding Small allows me to combine my love for small businesses with my passion for writing. As a copywriter, I get to work on a variety of projects, from email marketing and social media to writing web pages. I love using psychology and my knowledge of human behavior to help small businesses succeed!


My Specialties



email marketing

persuasive writing


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Sophia has a creative eye, and loves to share her knowledge about graphic design and social media. Sophia can help you expand your knowledge on many areas of digital marketing, including social media marketing, brand development, and all things graphic design. If you’d like to further develop your graphic design skills, or have questions about creating an eye-popping website, then Sophia is here to help!

Fun Facts About jenna

Why are you passionate about small businesses?

They all have such unique brand stories, and the owners are passionate people who are solving problems in their community.

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Hiking, playing with my dog, and checking out new local bars and restaurants.

Where are you from?

Colorado Springs, CO, but I was born in Arizona.

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