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10 Productivity Tools your Small Business Needs


10 Productivity Tools Your Small Business Needs

As a small business, you are likely always looking for ways to increase your productivity without decreasing your annual income.  At Succeeding Small, we have found 10 small business tools that have made huge changes in our productivity and some of them won’t cost you a dime. 

clickup – project management

Clickup is a project management software that has the capabilities to function as nearly every system you could need.  Need a CRM?  Clickup can do that.  Need a task management system? Clickup can do that too. Want to track your employees’ time on tasks or schedule out workflows with dependencies?  Clickup has you covered.  The best part is that Clickup offers most of their amazing features in their free plan.  Their higher tiers with other amazing features start as low as $5/user/mo.  Clickup is a tool that every small business should have in their tool belt.  Sign up now!

Honeybook – PROJECT MANAGEMENT & InvoicinG

If you’re a small business that needs to send invoices or contracts, schedule meetings with clients, or keep track of the bookkeeping, Honeybook might be the perfect tool for you.  Honeybook is a project software that allows you to keep track of incoming invoices, emails, contracts, client meetings, and more; all from one user-friendly platform.  Honeybook is also great for bookkeeping because it can automatically accept invoice payments and sync with Quickbooks to make reporting and payroll quick and simple.  We specifically love to use Honeybook to send out beautifully branded proposals and contracts to our clients and keep track of their responses and signatures.  No more back and forth via email–Honeybook ensures your books and contracts are always clear, concise, and organized!   Get HoneyBook for 20% off for one year with our referral link!

Quickbooks – bookkeeping

QuickBooks is the answer to your bookkeeping needs. Many small businesses do their own bookkeeping when starting out and QuickBooks makes this simple, easy and affordable.  Through QuickBooks, you can manage your invoices, run payroll, manage cash flow and expenses, and pay bills. QuickBooks is not just for bookkeeping, you can also use QuickBooks for time tracking and even manage your inventory!  Sign up now and save 55% off your first 3 months when you use our exclusive link!

Hubstaff – Time tracking

Hubstaff is the perfect solution for small businesses with remote employees!  This user-friendly platform allows your team to track their time with a simple click of a button. By simply downloading the desktop app your team can log their time spent on client work, meetings, and more all from their computer.  Hubstaff also can take random screenshots of your employees’ computer screens to help maximize productivity as well as helpful dashboards and payroll reports to help assist with bookkeeping. Sign up now and get an exclusive 10% off!

slack – instant messaging

Slack is our favorite communication tool and if your team is remote it will likely become your favorite tool as well.  This tool will allow you and your team to connect easily through messages, share documents, videos, gifs, and more all through their seamless platform.  This is also a great way of seeing who is online and who is away from their computer through their “status” feature.  The best part is that this service’s free version has just about everything you and your team could need and the higher tiers start at just $6.67/user/month. Sign up now.

Dashlane – password management

With nearly all of your services and information being stored digitally, cybersecurity is a necessity in your small business. Dashlane is the only password manager you will ever need for your small business.  This service is a plugin that connects to your google account and allows you to easily and securely share passwords within your team without having to reveal the passwords at all.  The plugin will also automatically fill in passwords when you visit a site you have saved and this will allow you to quickly and seamlessly login.  No longer will you have to worry about keeping track of passwords or resetting logins when you forget one, Dashlane makes sure you can stay on task in your work while also keeping your accounts safe.  Dashlane offers a free version for you to start with and if you love it as much as we do, the premium version starts at just $4.99/mo billed annually. Get 6 months of Dashlane Premium for Free using our exclusive link!

shift – Productivity management

Shift is the perfect tool for someone trying to finish all their tasks, maximize their productivity and avoid distractions. This simple desktop app allows you to add all of the apps, websites, and tools you use daily in one streamlined app that is designed to help you focus and stay on task. If you’ve ever found yourself jumping from notification to notification or putting out fires all day and never finishing your work, Shift may be just the tool you need. You can add all of your team’s communication apps (email, instant messaging, SMS, etc.) but set notification rules and avoid getting distracted. You can even sync all of your notifications with your calendar to ensure you are not interrupted during meetings or blocked off focus time. Shift is free to use and the advanced plan that has even more features is $99.99/year. Click here to try Shift!

facebook business suite – social media management

Social media can take hours of your time and energy from posting photos to writing captions to making sure you are responding to comments and direct messages. While there are many Social Media management apps, we personally love Facebook Business Suite. Through this platform, you can easily schedule ahead all of your Facebook and Instagram posts for free right on the platform. This saves you the time and hassle of having to write and post your content each day, and instead allows you to bulk schedule your posts for both platforms at once! Facebook Business Suite also allows you to view all your notifications in one place and see “Insights” on which posts do well and which do not, all from the same platform. If you have a Facebook account, just make a free page for your company; this service is completely free and can be a valuable tool for your business!

canva – graphic design

You can create beautiful designs and graphics for your business for free using Canva. Everything from business cards to social media graphics to printable flyers, Canva has you covered.  It offers thousands of designer templates that you can use and customize using your brand colors and it offers its own printing service so you can have custom prints sent straight to your home. Canva even offers video design templates where you can make custom MP4 videos for your website or social media! The free account offers everything you need but their premium plan gives you access to thousands of premium design elements such as photos, illustrations, gifs, and more! The premium plan is priced at $12.95/mo or $9.95/mo when you sign up for the annual plan! Get a free premium design element when you sign up with our exclusive link!

flodesk – email marketing

If email marketing seems intimidating, look no further than Flodesk. Flodesk is the simplest way to send beautiful emails to your subscribers, grow your list, and make sales through the power of email marketing.  It has beautifully crafted templates for you to use and customize to fit your needs! You can even make landing pages where customers can sign up for your newsletter if you don’t have a website yet! The all-inclusive plan is only $19/month when you use our exclusive link! 


As a small business owner, you want to provide the best service and quality to your customers. This means you need the best tools to keep you and your team on track. These tools are some of our favorites for managing our work so that we can continue to help small businesses get the visibility they deserve. If you have questions about how we can help you reach more of your customers online, reach out to us today! 

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