Exigent Curiosity

We have a pressing, urgent desire to learn more, solve our problems, and gain more knowledge. This exigent feeling is something we can’t ignore; we can’t help but uncover that knowledge and grow our expertise. This is how we maintain our expertise as digital marketers.

What this looks like in action

  • Asking questions
  • Seeing an anomaly in data and wanting to figure out the why
  • If something’s broken, you not only want to fix it, but understand how it works in the bigger picture to further your understanding of the whole
  • Enjoyment from learning and excitement from new challenges
  • You are an avid problem solver out of your own curiosity
  • Creating SOPs without being asked
  • Seeing gaps in knowledge and taking ownership of learning more

Passion & Purpose

This is an intrinsic motivation that we have. We start off with a passion for our craft, for small businesses, for the art we are making, for the results we are achieving. We get joy from our role. It satisfies our curiosity and helps us feel accomplished. This passion is what wakes us up every day, and it is this passion that feeds into our purpose. We feel aligned and motivated that what we are doing MATTERS. The work that we do is bigger than ourselves, and that is what drives us.

What this looks like in action:

  • We start work excited because we truly get joy from what we are doing, and we know that it makes a difference
  • We love to learn more about our passions
  • We get excited about the bigger picture because we feel aligned with our passion and purpose in this job
  • Doing work with integrity. When you love what you do, you can’t help but do it ethically
  • Cultivating spaces where we allow ourselves and others to pursue their passions

Mentorship & Collaboration

Mentorship is the heart of our team at Succeeding Small. We have a genuine passion for helping and teaching others. Mentorship shows up when we share an educational resource, give thoughtful feedback, or take a personal interest in someone else’s experience and education. The difference between leadership and mentorship is that the ego is removed from this relationship. This is not a hierarchical advantage but purely a peer-to-peer relationship where each individual wants to see the other succeed. To be a mentor, we must also be passionate about our role and be exigently curious about being an expert in our space. This value encourages us to foster fellowship and expertise as a team.

What this looks like in action:

  • Checking in on your team members to see what they are working on and if they need any help
  • Intrinsic joy and satisfaction from teaching others
  • Enjoyment from sharing your craft
  • Asking for feedback
  • Giving quality, thoughtful feedback instead of making edits yourself or letting something slide
  • Peer guidance
  • Taking pride in leading team education meetings
  • Sharing resources that could aid someone else
  • This is NOT: ego, dominance, condescension, or hierarchy
  • Stepping up, volunteering, lending a helping hand


Every good marketing campaign needs to start with a strategy: a plan of action designed to achieve an overall goal. Strategic success means that we care about the result so much that we are individually committed to creating and executing a thoughtful strategy to accomplish success for ourselves and our clients. We are goal-driven and results-oriented. We define success and orchestrate a plan of action. We share our insights and work together collaboratively to achieve the end goal. Strategic Success is another way we practice integrity-filled marketing.

What this looks like in action

  • You take the time to thoroughly define success for yourself, your clients, and our company
  • You appreciate the uniqueness of each new opportunity and challenge
  • You do what it takes to get the job done right, with high quality, and superior results
  • You are actively thinking about your tasks and how it applies to the bigger picture
  • You think about how you can optimize what you are doing to strategically accomplish success
  • You come up with innovative solutions and ideas to help accomplish our goals
  • You create and care about KPIs (key performance indicators) or ways to measure success
  • You respect the subjectivity of success and consistently check-in to ensure you are in alignment with our goals

Balance: Pursuit, Advocacy, and Achievement

We actively pursue, advocate for, and achieve balance in all things at Succeeding Small. What some may think is impossible, we welcome as a challenge. When others have said “No,” you ask, “Why?” This balance is what sets us apart as a team and an agency. We strive to achieve balance in things like:

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Creativity and optimization
  • SEO and user experience
  • Algorithms and audience
  • Expertise and humility
  • Life and work

In addition, we are advocates for work-life balance. We accomplish tasks and fulfill our position while maintaining joy, satisfaction, and happiness in our personal life. We prioritize the things that give us joy and fill us up in our lives so that we can show up 100% in our professional positions.

What this looks like in action:

  • You seek out opportunities to mesh seemingly opposite things and make them work
  • You invest in education when you are presented with a challenge
  • You call on your team and collaborate when balance seems difficult to achieve
  • You fight for balance, but you know when to stop and how to prioritize one or the other
  • You call on others and challenge them to find solutions or think about the other side
  • You have a healthy work-life balance. When you do not, you ask for help. When others do not, you personally invest in their wellbeing and ask them if you can help.



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