Why Your Business Needs a Blog – 7 Advantages of a Blog

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Congratulations on your small business’ website! You are most likely here because you already have a website and are looking for ways to optimize it with a blog. Or perhaps you have heard of the benefits of having a blog as a way to promote your business digitally. Either way, welcome! Today we are exploring the main reasons as to why your business needs a blog as well as how a blog will give back to your business in the long run.

As a local digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs, our team at Succeeding Small understands the necessity of a blog for online visibility. Having a website is the first step to success, but not the only one. We know how crucial a blog is to small businesses that are trying to extend their reach. A blog is one of the many tools that help broaden a business’ audience in the digital space. What exactly are small business blogs and how can they help your business?

What is a Blog for Business?

A blog for a business is an opportunity to improve your business, its visibility, and drive sales. What it is not is an area for personal tangents, unless they contribute to your professional authority and stay relevant to your business. You want to think of it as a professional portfolio and resume for potential customers. Below are some questions to consider when first developing your blog:

  • What does your blog say about your expertise? 
  • Can you relate to customers’ problems?
  • How can you help them solve their problems with your services?
  • Are your blog topics relevant to your customers and your business?
  • Will these blog topics drive customers to order your services?

How to Start a Blog for My Business

Luckily, with modern website designing services, you can easily build a blog into your already established website. This will save you time and energy since you can maximize on your existing website rather than seeking out an additional platform to manage. 

Before launching your blog, make sure you have a mountain of small business blog ideas that are relevant to your services and products. Then, after generating these topic ideas go ahead and write 5-10 posts. When people go in search of information, they like to see sources that have an established backlog, it creates trust and credibility. 

At launch, upload your pre-prepared blogs then set a schedule of future uploads. You want to keep the blog updating regularly, so make sure you can commit to the upload frequency you are aiming for. From here, it is all upkeep! Just keep writing consistently and professionally.     

Why Have a Blog on Your Website?

Blogs and marketing go hand-in-hand, just like blogging and SEO. They operate as two sides of the same coin. SEO, for those that are unfamiliar with the acronym, is search engine optimization. What SEO does is make your blog more likely to pop-up when potential customers google ideas or words associated with your business. SEO is too big of a topic to dive into here, but it has its own blog post here!

Here is an example of why you should have a blog on your website. Let us say that you are a  dog groomer. When blogging, you want to make sure that your blog content correlates to your services. You should be blogging about topics customers are curious about when it comes to dog grooming. Think what you want your customers to know and write blogs about that! Topics like “when do I need my dogs nails trimmed?” or “how often should I bathe my dog?” are great opportunities for you to flex your expertise while maximizing traffic to your website. 

Benefits of Blogging for Business

The advantages of a blog are hard to overstate, especially with the implementation of regular blogging. Let us go over some of the key features a blog adds value to your website:

  1. Converts website traffic into potential customers.
  2. Establishes your business as an authority in their professional space.
  3. Acts as a platform to boost your various social media accounts
  4. Keeps your website relevant to search engines.
  5. Builds relationships with potential customers.
  6. Targets the audience for your services.
  7. Links to your relevant services as they come up in the blog

Not Sure Where To Start? Start With Us! | Succeeding Small

At Succeeding Small, we want to demystify the digital marketing process for small and local businesses. It is already difficult enough to run a successful business without worrying about figuring out how to implement an effective blog post or discovering various social media platforms. This is why, in addition to our Small Business Resource Center, we also provide these valuable digital marketing services directly to businesses. If you need help getting started with your website’s blog, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Grow your Small Business With Succeeding Small

Succeeding Small is an expert in growing small businesses through our amazing digital marketing, SEO, branding, web design and social media services.  Learn about our services today!

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