Small Business Saturday: Celebrating The Small Businesses That Make Up Our Community


At Succeeding Small, we are on a mission to get small businesses the visibility they deserve. Through our expert digital marketing services, we have partnered with small businesses throughout Colorado Springs to form authentic relationships that are based on trust and integrity. As a digital marketing agency, we help small businesses succeed in a variety of ways. Our team of experts specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), web design, social media, branding, copywriting, and more to provide you with our consistent expertise and guidance. We are committed to continually investing in our own education as digital marketers so we are able to provide you with the tools, resources, and strategies to help your business grow online.

We believe that small businesses should get every chance to succeed, which is why we are excited to celebrate Small Business Saturday again this year! Falling on Saturday, November 27, Small Business Saturday is an excellent opportunity to show extra support for the small businesses in our communities. While we believe that small businesses should be celebrated year-round, we are thrilled at the chance to join our community in uplifting small businesses and the brave individuals like you who run them. To show our support and appreciation, our team at Succeeding Small has been hard at work preparing for Small Business Saturday. 

How We Are Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting small businesses doesn’t have to be done in large, grand measures. Instead, it is through the small actions that small businesses are given the support they need to succeed. A few ways to support small businesses not only on Small Business Saturday, but all year long, include:

1. Saying Thank You

Small business owners and employees face many difficulties as they work hard to keep their businesses running. When you stop by small businesses on Small Business Saturday to shop or browse, don’t forget to offer a smile and a word of appreciation to the owners and employees. Join the Succeeding Small team in this simple and easy way to show support that will leave a lasting impact.  

2. Telling Our Friends

Another way our team is showing support for small businesses is by sharing our favorites with our friends and family. This Small Business Saturday, join our team by posting your favorite local restaurant on Instagram or Facebook or recommending a small business to a friend or family member. Sharing about how awesome small businesses are is a great way to encourage those around you to “shop small”. 

3. Shopping Small

One of the best ways to help small businesses is by utilizing their services. While large national corporations may offer better prices or easier convenience, choosing to shop small means supporting the passionate individuals in our communities who run small businesses. Shopping small also gives access to high-quality services and goods that are not available elsewhere. So, whether you are going car shopping or need a new HVAC system installed, consider finding a nearby small business and offer your support by choosing them over a large corporation.  And if you do choose a small business for your service and are happy with their services, be sure to leave them a 5 star review on Google, Facebook and Yelp! 

Nominated Small Businesses 

As a small business ourselves, our team at Succeeding Small wanted to find a way to go the extra mile in supporting small businesses this Small Business Saturday. In order to show a surplus of support for the small businesses in our community, we asked our audience to nominate a small business that deserves extra appreciation. Our team is proud to honor these exceptional small businesses who work hard to provide their outstanding services and contributions to our community. 

Dream Accounting Solutions 

Serving small businesses living their dreams, Dream Accounting Solutions offers financial assistance to help small businesses succeed and reach their goals. Nominated for their outstanding support in the small business community, Succeeding Small is proud to celebrate their accomplishments as a small business that supports other small businesses. 

Archuleta Pain Solutions

Offering a unique solution to pain treatment, Archuleta Pain Solutions integrates laser treatments to help heal old and new injuries. Succeeding Small is happy to shine a spotlight on this amazing small business that was nominated for their dedication and hard work. 

Michelle Betz Photography

Michelle Betz Photography was nominated for the talent and grace that accompany Michelle’s photography services. Dedicated to capturing the pure and real moments in life, this small business offers so much to the community of Colorado Springs! Succeeding Small is excited to offer the recognition they deserve! 

Eastern Colorado Bank

Dedicated to helping small businesses grow, Eastern Colorado Bank offers personal and business banking services throughout Colorado. This exceptional small business was nominated for their excellent customer service. Succeeding Small is proud to have the honor of celebrating such a phenomenal small business. 


This small business was started with the mission of providing elderly people with company and assistance in their homes. Nominated for their heart for the elderly, Pay-A-Visit has contributed so much to the community of Colorado Springs. 

Support Small With Succeeding Small

Our team at Succeeding Small is excited to celebrate Small Business Saturday with the communities throughout Colorado, and the rest of the country. Whether you decide to write a positive review for a small business you love, or do some holiday shopping at small businesses around your town, every bit of support will leave a lasting impact. Succeeding Small is honored to be a part of the wonderful community of small businesses that work hard to achieve their dreams. If you have any questions on how to support the small businesses in your area, please contact our team. We would love to speak with you. Don’t forget to check out our social media to see all the fun ways we will be supporting small businesses on Small Business Saturday! 

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