Should Your Small Business Use Social Media?


With the constant hype behind Instagram and Facebook, you may be wondering: Should my small business use social media?

Many business coaches and entrepreneurs swear that Social Media is the key to skyrocketing your sales. However, believe it or not, your business may not benefit from social media as much as others.

How to Know if Your Small Business Should Use Social Media?

The most important thing for you as a small business owner to know is where your customers are. As in, where do they go when they ask the question you are trying to solve for them.

Your initial response might be, “Google.” While that may be true, you also will want to consider where they are spending leisure time. Many consumers spend time on Instagram and learn about service providers long before they have a need for their services.

A good rule of thumb for social media marketing is to consider the following scenario. If your kitchen floods, where do you look to find a plumber? Instagram? LinkedIn? Angie’s List? Now ask the same question with the service you provide or the problem your product solves. This will help you determine whether or not an active social media presence makes sense for your small business.

Which Social Media Platform is Best For My Small Business

Suppose you own a small-scale photography business. You may ask yourself, “Where can I best engage with my potential customers?” Instagram, given its visually oriented platform, might be the perfect place to showcase your work and connect with your audience.

Alternatively, consider owning a quaint flower shop. In this case, your clientele may frequent other platforms. Pinterest, known for its abundant DIY content, might be an excellent venue to display your floral arrangements.

Ultimately, the ideal platform for your business depends on where your customers are most active. Are they urgently seeking solutions to a major problem, such as a flooded basement? Or are they leisurely perusing platforms like Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration and entertainment?

The key is to adopt your customers’ perspective. Contemplate where they’re likely to spend their time online, and you’ll uncover the answer to “Which social media platform is best for my small business?”

Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Reaching potential customers: Thanks to social media, your small business isn’t just limited to your local neighborhood. You can chat with customers down the street, across the country, or even on the other side of the globe. Plus, your social media ‘doors’ are open 24/7.

Creating Your Brand’s Personality: Your brand isn’t just a logo—it’s a story, a personality, and you get to shape that on social media. By being authentic and consistent in your posts, you can build a brand image that truly clicks with your audience.

Driving More People to Your Website: Social media is not just about likes and comments. It’s a highway that can drive more traffic to your website. Also, did you know that active social media can give your site a boost in search engine rankings? It’s true.

Social Media Account vs. Social Media Presence

One important distinction to be aware of is the difference between having a company social media account and having a social media presence.

Having a company Facebook account can be a great asset to your business. This free platform allows your clients and customers to leave you reviews and ask questions via messenger. You can also use Facebook to announce sales and company hours.

This can be fairly simple to set up and manage using Facebook Business Manager. While not a necessity, this can provide some added convenience for your customers.

A social media presence can be defined as having a strategy behind your social media activity. This might include using Instagram stories to get to know your clientele better or posting daily photos of your products.

Ready to use Social Media for Your Small Business?

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