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Trending Audios For Instagram & TikTok

A trending audios subscription with Succeeding Small includes a list of the top trending audios for Instagram & TikTok. In the PDF that you will receive each month, our social media experts include example social media posts for trending audios as well as notes on how to use the trending audios for your social media platforms. When you work with the team at Succeeding Small, we will provide your small business with top trending audios so you can focus on creating unique content for your social media reels and posts.

$100.00 / month

Trending Audios For Instagram & TikTok

Social media is a necessary part of any small business’ marketing strategy. A thoughtful social media strategy helps you expand your online presence, especially when you integrate relevant trends into your posts. With a monthly trending audio subscription from Succeeding Small, you will receive 10 of the top trending audios for both Instagram and TikTok, so you can stay on top of your game for social media.

Craft the perfect reels, stories, and social media content with a trending audio subscription from Succeeding Small crafted with small businesses in mind.


Trending audio is songs or sound bites popular on social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. By using trending audio, your small business capitalizes on popular trends to gain attention and improve engagement on your social media reels and posts.

With a trending audio subscription from Succeeding Small, our digital strategists will curate monthly reports of trending audio tailored to your small business. Our extensive knowledge of social media algorithms and trends will work to grow your business and strengthen your digital marketing strategy on social media platforms.


Using social media trends for your small business is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to your business on social media platforms. A trending audio subscription for your small business will allow you to create social media content to take advantage of viral trends to showcase your products and services. With a trending audio subscription from Succeeding Small, you will strengthen your marketing strategy to gain the attention of your target audience, increase your followers, and grow your business.

Our social media experts have extensive experience working with social media platforms and algorithms to stay on top of the latest viral trends. With your personalized report from Succeeding Small, your small business will receive the top trending audio on social media platforms for each month, as well as examples of social media posts and additional notes to help your small business succeed on social media. When your small business works with Succeeding Small, your social media content will be on-brand to attract new customers while working to grow your small business and strengthen your marketing strategy online.


Social media trends are ever-changing. As a business owner, it can be challenging to keep up with social media while running your business. This is where Succeeding Small comes in.

With our monthly trending audio subscription, you can worry less about monitoring social media trends and focus on running your business. At Succeeding Small, our team of digital marketers will personalize your small business’ trending audio report so you can get the visibility online that you deserve. Using trending audio for social media reels or other forms of content will expand your digital footprint, attract new followers to your brand, and grow your business.

Other benefits of a trending audio subscription for your small business include:

  • Gaining social media visibility
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Staying relevant on social media
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Strengthening your marketing strategy


Social media is all about keeping up with the trends. At Succeeding Small, we get small businesses the visibility that they deserve by helping them stay on top of these trends. Our team of digital strategists has extensive experience working with social media algorithms and staying up to date with the latest trends. Using trending audio on your social media platforms is the perfect opportunity to stay relevant, build trust among your audience, and grow your business. As experts in social media, we help small businesses succeed.

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