Our digital audit is a great way for you to understand where your business is at in terms of online visibility, then give you actionable steps to improve your digital presence. 

You know it’s the right time to request a digital audit when you are ready to grow your business, you are looking for more customers, and you want your digital assets to work FOR you. It also might be time to get an audit after you have tried digital marketing yourself and are investing time in your website, web presence, and social media, but aren’t seeing any returns. We can help you identify what is working well and how to improve.

We ask you for the following information:

  • Your Business Contact Information
  • Your Social URLs
  • “Read & Analyze” Permissions on Your Google Analytics Account (If Available)
  • Ideal Client
  • Primary Competitors
  • Business Goals

We try to include as much context as possible to help you read data reports and understand the metrics being presented to you. We also include a free 30 minute consult with every audit, so we can walk through the data together, answer your questions, and make sure you are empowered to take these recommendations and succeed.

This is not your standard, “Free Analysis” lead magnet. With this audit, we provide you with quality, detailed, and strategic data and recommendations that you can put into action immediately to improve your online presence. Our primary philosophy at Succeeding Small is to uphold quality, transparency and integrity in all that we do, and this audit exemplifies those values.

We are our team of digital marketing experts take about a week to return the customized audit back you. After that, we offer a free 30 Minute Consultation Call to go over our findings, answer your questions, and help you implement our recommended strategies.

The Small Business Start Up will help kick start your online presence. With listings and optimized social media profiles, customers can find your business with ease.

In order for us to assist your business as quickly as possible, you will need to provide us with your business’s contact information and any relevant logins. Once you complete your purchase of this product, we will send you a form so you can easily send in everything.

The time it takes to complete will vary depending on how quickly we get all of the relevant information we need. Also, some listings will require verification on your part. As long as these things go smoothly, everything will be complete within 1 month.

Google My Business listings and other listings, like Yelp and Bing, are important for establishing your online presence. This means customers will be able to search for your business online and have many opportunities to see your business information, as well as reviews. This increases the likelihood of them choosing your business or contacting you.

Additionally, if you have a website, these listings with help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will greatly contribute to your business’s ability to be found online.

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that goes on your website. This code allows the pixel to receive information about the actions taken on your site, so you can bring back website visitors, or find new people who will likely make a purchase or become a lead. This increases the likelihood of them choosing your business or contacting you.

Social media accounts can provide your business with many benefits. Like listings, social media accounts allow customers easy access to contact information and specifics about your products and services. 

Additionally, social media is a great way to maintain relationships with current clients. Clients can message you through the social media platforms, as well as engage and stay up to date with current happenings and changes in your business.