Allison Hawkins

Social Media & Copywriting Specialist


After earning my degree in Strategic Communications at UCCS, I found my passion for sharing the stories of small businesses through digital marketing. When I started my internship at Succeeding Small, I instantly knew that I had found a place where I could live out that passion. Now, as a Social Media and Copywriting specialist, I have the ability to partner with small businesses to tell their stories through authentic and innovative avenues.

The community of small businesses throughout Colorado Springs is the greatest thing about the work I do. Partnering with passionate and driven small business owners in their area of expertise has only led to my passion growing. Watching small businesses succeed as their story is told through digital marketing is incredibly rewarding and motivating.

My Specialties

Social Media


Graphic Design


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As the project manager for Succeeding Small, Makaela strives to help others enhance their communication skills, keep their team organized, and increase the efficiency of their small business. Whether you want to learn more about the relationship between a small business and a digital marketing agency, or you’d like to expand your knowledge on different productivity tools, Makaela is here to help you!

Fun Facts About Allison

Why are you passionate about small businesses?

I am passionate about small businesses because they represent hard-won dreams coming to life. They are the courageous backbone of our communities. From our neighbors, friends, and families, partnering with small businesses means uplifting the voices of our city and beyond.

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Most of my free time is spent cuddled up with my dogs reading a novel or outside enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Where are you from?

Colorado Springs, CO

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