How to plan for 2021 in your small business

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As a small business owner, you know things change quickly. This has proven especially true in 2020, as we all had to adapt immensely. This is why as 2020 comes to a close, having a plan is important, but creating that plan will look a lot different than usual. Discover how you can plan for your small business’s success in 2021.


Flexibility is likely the most crucial component of planning for your small business next year.

Obviously, you have sales goals, you need to achieve, payroll, etc.

What this may look like is securing a “rainy day fund” within the first quarter to make sure you are prepared for anything.


Simplifying and identifying the essentials, not just in your work and goals, but in your personnel, is vital to succeeding in 2021. This may include adding or cutting costs depending on your needs.

What is important to remember when identifying what is essential in your business is that too much or too little can equal failure for everyone.


Simplify your goals, your offerings and your strategy in 2021. Clarifying what you offer to your customers and ensuring you are the best will set you apart from the competition.

It may sound counterintuitive to take away products or services, however, knowing what the “best” you offer is will help your customers come to you and think of you when they have that need.

Not only that, this will help you avoid burning out or wasting precious time, energy and resources on products that are not delivering compared to your main offering.

Planning for your Small Business in 2021

At Succeeding Small, we are experts in helping Small Businesses like yours succeed online. We have helped a multitude of clients bring their business online before and during Covid-19. We know the strategies, planning and implementation it takes to clarify your offerings, define what is essential in your business and create an online presence that rivals the competition. Contact us today to find out how we can help your small business plan for 2021.



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