Benefits Of SEO For Small Business

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Because Succeeding Small is a small business, we understand how competitive the business world is and how critical digital marketing is to survive these torturous waters. We develop customized marketing strategies based on your specific needs and business, assessing your ROI and allowing your limited marketing budget to be effective. As a Small Business, every dollar counts for you, and your resources need to be maliciously allocated to growth.  At Succeeding Small, we want to not only help you grow your business while providing you with a competitive edge over their corporate counterparts. That’s why we make it our mission to empower small business owners and give them the education, resources, and marketing results that they deserve. Let’s dive deeper into one of the most impactful marketing strategies for small businesses today: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing digital assets to maximize organic visibility in as many places as possible. SEO helps ensure that your website or digital asset can be found by those who are using a search engine like Google. For example, if someone typed in, “plumber near me”, Google’s algorithm will present them with a list of plumbers, Google Map information, various websites to go to, directories to browse through, etc… SEO is the process of ensuring that your website or digital asset is at the top of that list. Click here to learn more about What Is SEO & Why Is It Important. 

Now that we have a basic understanding of SEO, we can understand how it impacts your business and why it is worth your investment. Here are 11 ways that SEO can improve and grow your business if done correctly. 

1. Increased Website Traffic

Consider how you search for a product or service. You most likely type your service then your city or “near me”. Then, you may choose the top result and visit their website. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, only 0.78% of Google searchers clicked on something from the second search engine results page (SERP). Therefore, if your business is not optimized for SEO, it will likely never be found by your consumers during a Google search. Considering that this is how most people locate a business, either on their mobile device or on their computer, your website will never get the attention it deserves. A simple SEO campaign will allow you to move up in ranking on the SERP, thereby allowing your business to be more visible and have a larger volume of traffic. 

2. Organic Vs Paid Traffic 

According to Backlinko’s study, the number one organic search result is 10 times more likely to receive a click compared to a page in the number 10 spot. So, if you are at the top of the page you will instantly get more clicks and traffic. This is an example of how impactful organic SEO can be to a small business. Alternatively, paid search traffic allows you to obtain a temporary position near the top of the results. A business can pay for a top position, however, the business will have little control over its paid campaign. 

A paid campaign will require the small business to pay for each click on their top-rated link. For example, if car insurance companies were to pay for the keyword car insurance then Google can present a custom advertisement at the top of the SERP. An example of this can be found below. The top listed insurance company, Progressive, will only pay for the ad if the consumer clicks on it.

Organic traffic is when your consumers find your website because it best matches their search request. Customers will trust your company more when they find it with authentic search results over similar businesses that pay for ads. 

3. Business Credibility

SEO has a lasting impact on your business’s credibility, both in the eyes of the search engine and in the eyes of your consumer. According to a Brightlocal survey, “87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020.” Positive reviews of your company prove to the search engine and to consumers that you are a credible company. People are more likely to visit your site after seeing positive reviews, and, as a result, Google will better understand what you do and why you are better than your competitors. 

4. Business Trust

When SEO is done ethically, it can also build your trustworthiness as a business. As you build your credibility through reviews, you will also build trust in your community. It is human nature to ask your friends and family for recommendations for a product or service. This trust can also be found online with reviews and awards or ratings from specific companies. For example, if you are rated an A+ company on the Better Business Bureau, this will show the algorithm and your consumer that you are trustworthy. 

5. Increased Engagement 

Credibility and trust are portions of SEO that are built off websites using reviews and other credible websites. However, if you want your site to continue to rank well and have increased traffic with visitors that will eventually purchase your service or product, then you will need to engage them in some way. SEO helps you to increase engagement by adding helpful and easy-to-navigate tools and content writing on your website. 

6. Increased Conversion 

Coupled with the increased engagement of your captivating content and resourceful tools, your website will also need to feature conversion tactics that call your consumers to action. However, we want to remain authentic and trustworthy, so giant red “buy now” buttons are not effective. Rather, SEO experts will suggest CTAs (call to action) that assist the consumer in solving a problem or appeal to emotion. 

7. Improve Your Website

This is a portion of SEO that assists with conversions. Generally speaking, if your website is challenging to navigate, consumers are more likely to abandon it even if you have great reviews. That being said, you can have the best off-site SEO reputation and be ranked number one on the SERP, but if the consumers have a hard time finding your information, they are not likely to buy your product or service. User-friendliness is critical to ensuring that you convert as many people as possible that visit your website. The largest factors that attribute to your user’s experience are. 

  • Website Speed
  • Navigation 
  • Mobile Optimization 
  • Tablet Optimization 
  • Technical Errors
  • Overall Aesthetic 

8. Brand Awareness

By building an SEO campaign, you will be reinforcing your company’s brand. Your brand will be recognizable and coherent across all platforms by coupling SEO, a strong brand, and a solid website. To learn more about branding and its importance to SEO visit Baking A Brand.

9. Beat Your Competition 

By combining all of the above things in an ethical SEO campaign, your website is guaranteed to move up in rankings. As a small business, you will then be able to beat your competition all while spending less than them on marketing!

10. Find New Opportunities 

Through SEO, your business will find exciting new opportunities to build business partnerships, work in new industries, and generate innovative ideas. The business community of Colorado Springs is strong and will continue to grow stronger with the help of SEO. 

11. Show up on Page One

As a result of the above SEO practices and benefits, your business will be able to see real and lasting results through better ranking and increased traffic, which will result in growth. As more consumers visit your site and your authority increases, your only issue will be hiring enough people to handle the new demand!

Search Engine Optimization With Succeeding Small

At Succeeding Small, we want your small business to succeed! We know that you have the potential to grow and provide the Colorado Springs community with amazing services or products. It is our goal to connect you with your consumers while allowing you to grow at the same time. SEO has the highest return on investment compared to any marketing because it is the most authentic and impactful mode of connecting with your desired consumer. 

We recognize that SEO is complex and rather time-consuming; therefore, our team has curated a systematic approach that is designed to assist any business in gaining growth for their business and increasing their digital presence. We truly believe that your small business deserves online attention and we have seen the impact that SEO can have on small businesses. To learn more about our pricing contact our team today and begin your small business growth!  

Grow your Small Business With Succeeding Small

Succeeding Small is an expert in growing small businesses through our amazing digital marketing, SEO, branding, web design and social media services.  Learn about our services today!

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