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As the founder and CEO of Succeeding Small, Madeleine Costa is a digital marketing and SEO expert. With nearly 10 years of experience in the field, Madeleine has helped grow small businesses with SEO, web design, paid advertising, social media, copywriting, branding, and more.
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Madeleine Costa

5 Ways to Generate Sales When Business is Slow

A silent phone and an empty inbox can strike fear into every business owner’s mind. Perhaps the economy has affected buyer habits. Maybe a new competitor has entered the market, or perhaps you need to reach a new audience altogether to generate some much-needed sales.

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Business Goals
Madeleine Costa

I Took 5 Vacations This Year: Here’s How I Did It

I took five vacations this year. I cannot believe that my business is at a point where I have the luxury and privilege of being able to do something like that. To be able to take vacations with my family and know that my business will still run and even thrive when I’m out of the office.

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Business Goals
Madeleine Costa

How To Create A Goal-Driven Marketing Strategy

Marketing without strategy is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Even if you post on every social media platform, create all kinds of content on your website, or spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on ads, implementing these tactics without a strategy will most likely drain you of your time and energy and resources.

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Business Goals
Madeleine Costa

3 Lessons I Learned From My Business Coaches

Running a business can feel isolating between making key decisions, leading a team, and being the best at what you do. There is no shortage of pressure when it comes to the success of your small business, but you don’t have to make these core choices on your own.

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Digital Marketing
Madeleine Costa

10 Ways To Increase Traffic to Your Website For Free

Have you ever heard the saying build it and they will come? Unfortunately, this promising phrase of instant success does not transfer over to digital real estate. When it comes to driving traffic to your website, it’s not as easy as hanging an “open sign” across all of your digital marketing platforms.

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Business Goals
Madeleine Costa

Scaling Down to Scale Up Your Small Business

Madeleine Costa, Founder and CEO of Succeeding Small, understands that starting and growing a small business can feel like a whirlwind. From gaining momentum in sales, hiring a team, and implementing systems, a lot of foundational work can be done in the growing stage of entrepreneurship.

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