7 Tips for Announcing a New Website


Having a website for your small business is one of the most important things you can do to get visibility online. A website tells the story of who you are and why your business is unique. It is the opportunity to attract customers digitally and encourage them to take action. If your website is brand new, or if you want to redesign your website, announcing a new site is a perfect opportunity to build anticipation and brand awareness for your small business.

As a digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs, Succeeding Small knows how much effort goes into creating a website for your business. We specialize in creating beautiful, functional, and optimized websites to encompass your brand and accomplish your goals. We design websites to be found online, and we are passionate about creating valuable websites for small businesses. 

Building a business website is hard work, and the anticipation of your new website launch should match the effort that goes into creating the site. A website announcement is a perfect way to generate buzz about your brand, attract potential customers, and drive traffic to the site. So, if you are about to launch your small business website, here are 7 tips on how to build anticipation for your website launch.

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Social media is an important tool for any small business. Your social media presence is the perfect opportunity to build relationships with your audience, attract new clients, and grow your business. Social media is one of the best resources for businesses to communicate and build excitement with their followers about a new website launch. 

The goal is to build buzz around your website in the weeks before the launch. Two weeks to a week before the launch of your new website, you can build anticipation by posting consistent content on social media. Utilize your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media accounts to spread the word about your brand new site. 


Before the launch of your website, posting teasers on your social media accounts is a great way to create excitement. A unique graphic or video highlighting your website announcement is an excellent way to communicate with your social media followers that something new and exciting is on its way. 

Here are some examples of social media teasers:

This is an orange graphic counting down the days until a website launch. The graphic reads, "New Website Launch - 4 Days to Go".
This is an orange graphic that shows a website on a computer screen and phone screen. The graphic reads, "Launching Soon!"

You can use resources, like Canva, to create unique and creative teasers to catch the attention of your audience. For rebranded websites, this is also the perfect time to utilize new color schemes, logos, and font pairings from your rebrand.

Remember that the goal of posting about your website launch on social media is to encourage curiosity and anticipation for your new site. The content you post on social media about the website should work to get your followers to pay attention to your brand.


Blogs are a great opportunity to connect with your audience. Before the launch of your new website, consider writing a blog post about the announcement. A blog is a great opportunity to explain more about the site’s design, features, and purpose. 

By blogging about your website launch, you are communicating with your audience your brand’s story, telling customers about the new features of your site, and showcasing why a new website is valuable. Writing a blog post about your new website is also a fantastic opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO). In your blog, answer questions about the website and share more about its enhanced features. 

For example, some questions to answer in your blog could include:

  • What is the purpose of the new website?
  • Why did you rebrand your business?
  • How does the new site compare to the old?

Make sure to post a blog about your website launch the day your site goes live. That way, you encourage users to visit your website. Blog posts coupled with social media platforms can encourage your customers to share the news about the new site to drive traffic.


Email is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, and your business’ email list is a great opportunity to spread the news about your website. For example, an email newsletter is helpful to announce updates about the site, its features, and the launch date. 

If you are considering running an email marketing campaign for your new website, teasers are another great way to encourage excitement. Consider sending emails up to the launch date about the site and its enhanced user experience. You can also highlight any special features or offers that give users a reason to visit your new website.

Remember to create an impactful email that is going to convince your audience to click on the email and read more about your brand. A call to action is also important to encourage users to visit the new website and take a look around when it goes live.

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A press release is useful to get the word out about your new website. You can write about your website launch in a press release to send to local news outlets, community sites, industry publications, and other authoritative sources. Additionally, if your brand takes part in any local events or organizations, you can see if they have email newsletters where you can include information about your website launch. 


If you have rebranded, or if you are redesigning your old website, you should consider adding a banner or page on your pre-existing website about the new website. This will help announce the launch of your new site and build excitement around the change.

A “coming soon” page will also help to integrate your communication about the new website across all of your channels. The goal is to make sure your customers have access to the information about your new website launch in the places they are visiting.


On your “coming soon” page, make sure to add a form for users to fill out to be notified about when the site goes live. This not only encourages visitors to the site when it first goes live, but it is also a great way to start building your email list for any future updates.

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Guest posting is extremely useful in spreading the word about your new website launch. Guest posting is when you create content for another person’s blog or social media account. The goal of guest posting is to attract traffic to your brand while the host of the blog or social media account gets new content.

By using someone else’s blog or social media accounts to promote your website launch, you will establish authority and generate interest. Guest posting is a good way to drive early traffic to your website when it goes live. You should also consider linking your “coming soon” page to your guest post to encourage interested individuals to sign up for an email notification when the site is launched; this is another way to build your email list.

Guest blogging also has lots of value for SEO purposes. Guest posting on authoritative websites or platforms will help your website rank higher on Google because you will get backlinks. Backlinks are extremely important for SEO ranking, and the higher you rank on Google, the more online visibility your business will get.


A countdown clock is another way to add buzz around the new launch of your website. You can set up a clock to track the number of days and minutes before your site goes live. This allows your followers to follow along and track your website launch, and a countdown clock also builds anticipation and excitement. 

A countdown timer can be published in social media posts to build awareness of the new site or featured on your pre-existing website, such as on your “coming soon” page. The focus is to motivate your audience to visit your website.

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An eye-popping and user-friendly website is the most important factor for small businesses to be found online. If you are wanting to craft a fully customized website, or if you want to redesign the one you already have, the team at Succeeding Small can help.

As a marketing agency in Colorado Springs, our web design services work with small businesses to bring your website to life. We build custom websites with unique copy that is made for your brand, captures your values, and encourages your target audience to convert. Our functional websites are made to be found online, and we are committed to being your partner in website design and management.

If you are ready to announce and launch your new website, Succeeding Small can help your small business succeed. If you are ready to craft your website or have questions about our web design services, contact the team at Succeeding Small! 

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